Use Matters.Cloud + DocMoto to manage your law firm.

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Manage your law firm

Matters.Cloud enables legal professionals to track time and expenses, manage clients and matters, raise invoices, develop opportunities and keep up to date with tasks all within a single cloud based platform.

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Synced, simple and automatic.

Automatic Folder Creation

Matters.Cloud automatically creates a new folder for each client and matter in DocMoto. Enabling you to save documents from familiar applications like Microsoft 365 on both Mac and Windows.

Matters.Cloud + DocMoto

Seamless User Experience

Email Filing + Time Capture

Use Matters.Cloud for Microsoft Outlook to create time records as part of saving emails. By automatically capturing time spent on email-related activities, legal professionals can accurately track their billable hours, ensuring that no time is overlooked or lost due to inefficient timekeeping practices.

Embedded NetDocuments Workspace

What Matters.Cloud Does

Clients & Matters

Brings together key information related to clients, contacts and matters. Helping to break down matters into key phases and tasks with integrated estimation capabilities.

Time & Expenses

Provides time and expense recording practices that meet the needs of law firms. Including managing client, matter or activity based rates, plus a range of billing arrangements.


Simplifies processes like raising detailed matter invoices, capturing payments and managing client funds.


Provides visibility on your key opportunities, whilst allowing you to convert them to a matter at any time without rekeying data.

App Marketplace

Integrates with other commonly used tools including Sage, FreeAgent or Xero for cloud based accounting, Mailchimp for email marketing and more.

What DocMoto Does

Access. Share. Collaborate.

Document, contract and email management

Find and access all of your documents, emails and digital files from one easy-to use interface on Mac or Windows.

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Automatic Folder Creation

Matters.Cloud automatically creates a new workspace for each client and matter in DocMoto.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Save documents directly to DocMoto from familiar applications like Microsoft 365.

Access On The Go

Access files securely via DocMoto on your iPad.